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Home of the Broadway Bears

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4/30/06 12:33 pm - velours_n0ir


There WILL be a meeting/rehearsal for the Teddy Awards "stuff" on MONDAY, MAY 1st!!

We know that a lot of you will not be at school that day due to AP Tests, but it is imperative that you be there, so do whatever you have to do to get back there afterschool! We will be doing blocking, etc. and if you are not there, there is a good chance that your part will be re-assigned. Please come with ideas, and be ready to get this done. It shouldn't take too long, but there is still a lot that we have to do! Thanks in advance for being there, this should be the best Teddy Awards yet!

♥ Kim

11/21/05 07:57 pm - shakepearislife - RENT: The Movie

Hey folks in case you some how have been majorly out of the loop and living under some rock for like the last 6 months. RENT: the movie comes out this wed 11/23/05.

SOOOOO Im getting a group together to go see it opening night if i can find out how many and if its enough for a group rate then we can get cheap tickets. and lets face it were artist we dont have mountians of money at our disposal (but if anyone does i'll be your best friend). any who if you are interested comment only once cuz i will put this sevral places.

7/20/05 12:12 pm - velours_n0ir - Attention All Thespians!!


Okay, just to let all of you know, I have been secretly meeting with Thespians from Seminole High School. Okay, maybe not so secretly, but I have been talking to the President and Vice President of their troupe. Basically what we want to do is get both of our troupes together and have a sort of outdoor party. We were thinking about renting out a pavillion at Central Winds and having all sorts of crazy drama kid games and such. It would be a lot of fun and would give us the chance to get to know great people outside Winter Springs. However, it wouldn't work if only five kids from our troupe were interested. Please let me know what you think of this idea, and if you have any more ideas and/or questions! Thanks!!


2/18/05 11:35 am - ladeebear - Attention all who are in SNAP!

Hey everyone,

Thanks to me and an ever-so-wonderful Jackie Hauser, this year's newspaper has been full of wonderful drama productions and chorus information. So, this issue, I am focusing on doing a feature on Improv games and how they have become poplular. Also, i'll be spotlighting SNAP.

So, if anyone who is in SNAP would please post a comment with either you screenname or e-mail, I would be eternally grateful! My e-mail is florida_gurl126@yahoo.com.

E-mail me or IM me at floridagurl126 if you would like to be in the paper or have any valuable info on the new improv troupe.


1/24/05 09:54 pm - oooh_bubbles

We have a Drama Club meeting tommorrow. I know it is short notice, but with Districts and everything, I forgot. Drama shirts are in so if you ordered one, make sure you come to the meeting to get it. Later!

1/3/05 06:23 pm - ladeebear - Favor to ask!

Hey there!

I was wondering if someone would be willing to burn a copy of the Les Miserables CD for me so that I don't have to go buy it for $30 at Borders or Barnes and Noble. If not, does anyone know where I could find it cheaper?




12/23/04 04:22 am - nate_bartman - New Community

Everyone, I'd like to make an announcement! ... (chirp)... (chirp). I've started a new community called "The Abstract Truth." It's under the user name _rabbit_hole_ (like Alice in Wonderland... hehe, get it?). Anyway, I made it to discuss philosophy, religion, and such. Please join if you're interested in discussing them.

12/18/04 12:11 pm - ladeebear

Just wanted to say another quick thanks to Elizabeth for having all us craaazzzy drama people over at her house last night.

It was a lotta fun. ;)

12/13/04 08:52 pm - miss_electrishn

from what i've heard....the holiday party should be in the drama room right after school on friday....so why is it at night at elizabeth's house. no offense elizabeth, but why would you go and change that....i mean, i've never been here before this year, but i understand tradition just like anyone else....so why not just have it at the school like past years. i don't care what you say to this either. i'm only saying it on here for lack of communication. i'm not gonna argue with anyone about this either. but why change tradition? i think it's stupid.

12/12/04 10:35 pm - shakepearislife - in honor of Dr. Dogsbreath

I am pure evil. I lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until all living souls bend to my will.
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